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Bunco Eyelglass Holder with Pink Bunco Letters
Bunco Eyeglass Holder Functional Fashion Jewelry 010800B
Price: $39.95

Detailed Description

Bunco Jewelry
Bunco Brand Collection created … Beaded Lanyards, Beaded Eyeglass Holders, Beaded Eyeglass Chains, and Eyeglass Holders. Functional and made for the Bunco Enthusiasts. Emerald and pink beaded eyeglass holder adorns Bunco block letters with Australian crystals on each side. Vibrant Emerald look beads, with square pink beads spelling Bunco for the world of Bunco Enthusiasts. Welcom to the look Bunco Brand Collection has created with beads in this delightful long length gorgeous strand. End charm pivots which secures your glasses creating hands-free ease. Made for the world of Bunco Enthusiasts to wear as a necklace for the optical accessory. Choose the world of Bunco enthusiasts Brand Collection Jewelry because you simply combine fashion and choice to create the perfect functional look for you.

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